A triptych photo of Manhattan Beach pier printed on skateboards

Skateboard Triptych - Manhattan Beach Aerial



This is a skateboard triptych of an aerial photo of Manhattan Beach and the Manhattan Beach pier.  The size of each skateboard is 8x32 inches.   Our skateboards are high-quality, made with 7 ply North American maple, and cold pressed with skateboard-specific glue, and using a digital transfer to bond the inks to the decks (rather than an inferior process using a sticker or sublimation).

If you're looking for a different image, all of our photos can be custom printed as skateboards, in a rage of different configurations - single decks, diptychs, triptychs, etc.  As many decks as you want - the sky's the limit. If you'd like to discuss a custom order of a different image, or on a different number of decks, please give us a ring at 310-853-3564 or by email at art@pacificcoast.gallery.  Mounting hardware is not included, but can be purchased separately.  Please call or email for more information. We can also provide installation in your home or office.  



1) Size and Shape

This is a triptych with three 8"x32" decks (24" x 32" total), but we can print photos across any number of decks - just let us know what you're looking for.


2) Color or Black & White:  

All skateboards can be ordered as either color or black and white. 


Edition sizes:

The skateboards are limited edition, and are part of the photo edition that is closest in size to the skateboards:

60x80: Edition of 10

50x67: Edition of 25

40x53: Edition of 45

30x40: Edition of 75

24x32:  Edition of 140


About the Artist:

Matthew Welch is a Los Angeles based photographer who has resided variously in New York, London and Sweden.  When not roaming the world shooting FLOWs and MEGAs, he's shot advertising campaigns for clients like Kodak and Match.com. He started shooting as a kid in the late 70's using his Dad's old Olympus Pen-F half frame cameras and developing the black & white film in a homemade darkroom in his basement. He began his photographic career in the late 80’s shooting concert photos for various indie bands like Jawbox and Fugazi and also SPIN Magazine. He worked with Kodak in the mid 90's, and was an early pioneer launching digital photography with Kodak, back when advanced digital cameras were 1 megapixel.

He studied photography and psychology and has degrees from Harvard and Georgetown. While at Georgetown, he was a teaching assistant to Dr. Dave Carter, and worked with Professor Carter to develop the Psychology & Photography curriculum. This study of the psychological aspects of photography influences his work to this day. 

Matthew's book of Flows, Just Another Day, was published in 6 languages and, at almost 40,000 copies, the first edition was one of the most widely read photo books in the world when it was published. He's currently working on the second edition.  With his wife Monica, he's also the founder of Pacific Coast Gallery.  You can read more about Matt here.


About Pacific Coast Gallery:

Back in 1998, we first had the idea to start a new type of art gallery, based around three principles. The first is an obsession with quality. We offer some of the highest-resolution photos ever captured, some over 3 gigapixels, which is 3000 megapixels, which can be printed up to 100 feet wide tack sharp. And we're equally fanatical about printing. Each photo is individually custom printed and hand framed using the best technology and materials available today.

Second, we wanted to give our collectors more choice and control than you have ever had before when it comes to the final display of the artwork.  That's why we let you choose either the color or black & white version, the media, the choice of framed or unframed, the size, the horizontal or vertical version, and in fact we’ll even custom crop and print a custom size for you to exactly fit your space. 

Third, we wanted to make museum quality, limited edition art accessible to anyone.  We built Pacific Coast Gallery to serve a broad middle area in the art and photography market that we felt wasn't being well served - between the expensive high-end art galleries on one end, and low-quality mass produced prints on the other end. That's why we offer limited-edition, collectible, museum quality, original handprinted photos from a range of artists and some of the world's most famous photographers, at prices accessible to anyone, starting at $89.


Some Of The Companies We And Our Artists Have Worked With:



Please Note:

Returns: Because each photo is custom printed and framed at the time of each order, we are not able to accept returns.  All sales are final.  In the case of damage during shipment, we will replace the artwork.  

Color calibration: Our cameras, monitors and printers are all carefully color calibrated to produce consistent and accurate colors.  However, your individual monitor on your desktop, laptop or phone may not be calibrated to these same exacting standards (e.g. phone displays are typically extra bright and oversaturated and are rarely re-calibrated by users), so as a result your printed image may look slightly different than what you're seeing on your display at present, due to this difference in calibration.

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