Q: Can I order a different size than what's on the website?

Yes - we can print custom sizes, and can often crop images to different aspect ratios if needed. Additionally, the ultra high resolution photos from our MEGA series can be printed at a wide variety of sizes, some up to 40 feet long. If you'd like to inquire about a custom size, please email an Art Consultant at art@pacificcoast.gallery


Q: Do you offer wall murals?

Yes - We can do custom printing on wall murals. We can also print images as acrylic facemounts at large wall mural sizes as a higher quality alternative to a wall mural. If you'd like to inquire about a wall mural, please email an Art Consultant at art@pacificcoast.gallery


Q: Do you have any other photos available that aren't on the website?

Yes - As we are photographers in addition to gallerists, we have a deep archive of over a million unpublished images which we can draw from. If you have a specific image you're looking for, please email an Art Consultant at art@pacificcoast.gallery


Q: Are there other frames available?

Yes - We're happy to provide custom framing and have access to the entire line of ROMA frames and frames from most other moulding companies. If you'd like to inquire about a custom frame, please email an Art Consultant at art@pacificcoast.gallery


Q: What is a limited edition?

Limited edition photos have a specific number of prints that can be produced. After these are all sold, no more will ever be produced.


Q: Are the photos signed?

Yes - The photos are signed on the front (sometimes in ink, other times digitally signed, e.g. in our acrylic facemounts where the signatures are sealed under the acrylic), and they are also signed by the artist on the Certificate of Authenticity, which accompanies all photos sized 24x36 and larger.


Q: How do I know which edition I will receive?

The edition numbers are generated at the time of printing. If you are seeking a specific number, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Q: Do the photos come with a Certificate of Authenticity?

Yes - All of our photos (except the smaller open edition photos) come with a Certificate of Authenticity, which is embossed and hand signed by the artist.


Q: How do I hang my photos?

It is fairly straightforward and easy to hang your photo. Detailed instructions are available here.


Q: How do I clean my photos?

We suggest using a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the dust off of the photos periodically, using light pressure. Please ensure the cloth is clean and free of grit, or the grit in the cloth could scratch the surface. Do not use window cleaner or other solvents as this could damage the surface of the acrylic. A soft cloth should also be used on the frame, and light dusting or compressed air can be used to remove dust that may accumulate on the linen liner over time.


Q: Do you have advice on how to light the photos?

Yes - We provide additional information about lighting in our installation guide, which can be found here.


Q: How long do the photos last?

On our product page, you can see the longevity estimates for the different photo media that we offer, many of which are estimated to be in excess of 100 years. Please note that these are estimates, not guarantees, and these estimates are based on standard indoor usage under normal indoor lighting conditions. Placing a photo outdoor or in a very bright place indoor (e.g. under a skylight, directly next to or opposite a window) will significantly reduce this longevity estimate.


Q: Do you donate prints for charity auctions?

Yes - We do so mostly in Los Angeles where the gallery is located, but we are open to making donations in other areas on a case by case basis. Please contact us at art@pacificcoast.gallery if you'd like to inquire about a charitable donation.


Q: Can I license an image and print it myself?

We do not license our images for residential use. For commercial use, if there is an unusual need or application that requires photographic printing of a type that we don't offer, then we'd be more than happy to discuss a one-time-use license. If you'd like to inquire about such a commercial license, please email an Art Consultant at art@pacificcoast.gallery





Q: How do I place an order?

The easiest way is to place an order directly on this website. Alternatively, you can order over the phone at +1-310-853-3564.


Q: How do I see a photo on my wall before I order?

We would be happy to render an image or several images on your wall before ordering. More information about our free rendering service can be found here.


Q: Where can I see the photos in person?

Our photos are on display at our gallery in Manhattan Beach, California. Alternatively, if you are in Atlanta, you may be able to see the images at Emory Proton Therapy Center (615 Peachtree St NE) - please check in with reception to see if they will let you in for a few minutes to view some of the images in person.


Q: Do you accept returns?

As all of our photos are custom printed after the order is placed, we are not able to accept returns.


Q: What types of payment do you accept?

We accept most common forms of payment, including Amex, Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo and many others. The complete list can be found at the very bottom of this page.


Q: When will my credit card be billed?

We bill in full at the time the order is placed.


Q: Do you charge sales tax?

We charge sales tax for sales in California.





Q: How much is shipping?

Shipping varies based on size, and it is noted on each photo when you check out. It can be found in the detailed description area of each individual photo page.


Q: Do you ship worldwide?

Yes - We regularly ship all over the world. Please note that we are not able to ship to countries under trade sanctions with the US where we are based. If your country isn't available for shipping when at checkout, please give us a ring at +1-310-853-3564 or email art@pacificcoast.gallery and we will arrange your shipment personally.


Q: How do I find out when my photo will ship?

After you place your order, you will receive an email with a projected production and shipment date. Then, when the photo ships, you will receive another email with a tracking number and more detailed information about the shipper and how to get in touch with them to coordinate delivery if it is a large piece.


Q: How long does it take to receive my photo?

In the US, production for framed prints and acrylic facemounts typically takes around 3-4 weeks, depending on how busy we are with production at the time of ordering. This time frame is often longer in November and early December. Shipping takes roughly another week, so 4-5 weeks is typical from order to delivery for framed photos and acrylic facemounts. Unframed photos are much quicker and usually ship out within a week from when the order is placed. International shipments outside the US may take an additional few weeks, depending on the location.


Q: Do I have to pay duties for international shipments?

Yes - You will be responsible for the fees, taxes, duties and any other charges.


Q: Are the photos insured during shipping?

Yes - All photos are insured during shipment.


Q: Can I pick up my order at Pacific Coast Gallery in Manhattan Beach?

Yes - You can pick up all smaller sized images at the gallery in Manhattan Beach. Larger images must be shipped to your residence or business. We are able to credit back the shipping cost for any unframed photos picked up in the gallery. All framed pieces and acrylic facemounts still need to be shipped to the gallery and as such we still need to charge shipping for these. As such, most people find it more convenient to ship the photos straight to their residence or business.


Q: What happens if the photo is damaged during shipment?

If the photo is damaged during shipment, please note this with the driver at the time of delivery, and then please take photos of the damage and report this to us at art@pacificcoast.gallery immediately so we an arrange a replacement photo. We have a short window to submit this to the shipping company, so it is important that you contact us with any damage claims within 48 hours of delivery. After this, we can not honor a request for a replacement. If the package is markedly damaged, please refuse shipment.


Q: Is a signature required for delivery?

Yes - A signature will be required for delivery for all large photos. Smaller 13x19 inch photos will not require a signature.





Q: How do I contact the gallery for additional information?

Please feel free to give us a ring at +1-310-853-3564 or email an Art Consultant at art@pacificcoast.gallery