Pacific Coast Gallery is honored to represent Alexandra Wagner. Alexandra's paintings are a study of transforming dark to light, both on the canvas and in the realm of the abstract metaphysical. Her process on the canvas is a meditation on being in the present moment. She draws her inspiration from the beauty, magic and depth of the ocean, and the serenity and warmth of the beach that allows for quiet contemplation.

Alexandra integrates beach sand and ocean water into her painting process to create a connection to the natural elements. As a lover of textiles and the woven surface, she also incorporates vintage and found fabrics from various cultures into her pieces. By combining the elements of nature, textiles and the fluidity of paint, Alexandra creates a calm within the chaos by intertwining textural beauty, subtle depth, color and balance.

Alexandra received her BFA in 1994 in printmaking and sculpture, before turning to painting. She's inspired to live a life filled with creative spirit and a discerning eye. Alexandra considers art to be fundamental for expansion. She has donated art supplies to children in need all over the world as a way to expand this belief and give children the opportunity to experiment with the artistic process.

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