All of our photos can be custom printed as either skateboards or surfboards. Our surfboards are high res photos, printed on fiberglass and wrapped around a handmade, custom-shaped surfboard. Then the fiberglass resin is applied on top of the photo, so the photo is embedded in the board, under the fiberglass. All surfboards can be ordered as glossy or matte finishes. While this is designed to be a piece of art, this is also an actual surfboard that could be surfed. It has a leash plug and slots for the fins (not included) on the bottom.  

Surfboards can be ordered as longboards as well - up to 15 feet long. Skateboards can all be ordered at different shapes/lengths, and either as a single, diptych, triptych, or with 4, 5, 6 (or more) decks/boards. The sky's the limit. Skateboards take around 4 weeks for production, and surfboards take around 6 weeks.

The selection below represents what we have in stock today, available for immediate purchase. If you'd like to discuss a custom order of a different image, or at a different size, please give us a ring at 310-853-3564 or by email at

We can also provide installation in your home or office.

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