Our MEGAs (large format images) are some of the highest resolution photos ever captured.

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We're fanatics...

..about quality. See how we produce some of the highest quality photographs in the world.

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Artist: matthew welch

FLOWs, MEGAs, Landscapes and more

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Artist: SPOT

Iconic 70's images from his acclaimed book "Sounds of Two Eyes Opening"

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Iconic fashion photographer for Vanity Fair, Gucci and Prada.

Explore Antonio Guccione

Artist: Marc Urbano

Classic Porsches and more, from one of the world's leading car photographers

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Watch life as it flows by, from Matthew Welch's book "Just Another Day"

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we're fanatics about quality

There are many elements that together enable us to produce some of the highest quality images in the world, from our insane resolution (some photos are over 3,000 megapixels) to our printer's proprietary paper which contains iridium particles. And all of our photos are individually custom printed and hand framed. We use the best materials available and offer premium low-glare acrylic glass and Roma frames which are handfinished in Italy.

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some of the highest resolution images ever captured

We are one of the leading galleries in the US specializing in super high-resolution large format photos which we call MEGAs.

Some of our MEGAs are over 3 gigapixels (3000 megapixels), over 100 times the resolution of a normal photo, so they can be printed at wall-filling sizes and remain tack sharp.

completely customizable

We decided to do something very unusual for an art gallery - put you in control. The way we see it, it's your wall, your house, and your aesthetic, so it only seems fair that you get full control over how your art looks.

We give you an unprecedented ability to customize your photo to fit your décor and your style: you can customize the size, the crop, the color, the paper, the frame, and even choose low-glare glass or acrylic. We also offer most images in either a horizontal or vertical version to fit your space. And our photos can be custom printed on skateboards or surfboards.

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Color or Black & White

People often ask photographers if they prefer to shoot in black & white or color.  To this, we say yes.

Turns out we like both. So we had a crazy idea - why not just offer both versions and let you decide.


In our quest to give you more choice and control over your art, we decided to not stop at just letting you customize the color. We also give you control over the photo's orientation. For most images (unless the alternate crop doesn't work), we let you choose between a horizontal and a vertical image to best fit your space.

And if it turns out you need a different crop, like a panoramic image, or a square, not a problem. Just let us know and we'll create a custom crop of an image with an alternate aspect ratio, just for you to fit your space.

some of the world's leading photographers

We have limited edition photos from artists and photographers including Antonio Guccione (Prada, Gucci, Vogue, Vanity Fair), Marc Urbano (Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Road & Track), SPOT (famed Black Flag / Minutemen / Descendents music producer and author of Sounds of Two Eyes Opening) Matthew Welch (Kodak, author of Just Another Day), and many more photographers, painters and mixed media artists.

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Our limited edition sizes vary by artist, some as small as 7. 

They also come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Museum Quality Art, Starting at $89

We started Pacific Coast Gallery to make custom-printed, limited-edition museum quality artwork accessible to everyone. We wanted to give you an alternative to the high prices and intimidation of buying in a traditional high-end art gallery, or the low-end world of mass produced prints.

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A legendary photographer and music producer, SPOT's classic photos from the 70s & 80S are collected worldwide



Iconic images from one of the world's leading fashion photographers for Vanity Fair, Prada and Gucci.


Marc Urbano

With over 20 years shooting for Porsche, Car & Driver and Road & Track, Marc is one of the world's leading car photographers


Matthew Welch

Creator of FLOWs, MEGAs, and a photographer for Kodak and many others


Charlie Leal

Charlie Leal is an LA based painter and his layered, textured pieces are collected by many Hollywood celebrities


Sabrina Armitage

Abstract, layered original encaustic art from this LA based fine artist


Alexanrda Wagner

Minimal and abstract mix media art from this Venice CA based fine artist


Josh Barnes and many more

Original art from Josh Barnes and many other artists


MEGA Detail Up Close

100x The Resolution

Our collection of ultra high resolution MEGAs can be printed at huge sizes, some up to 100 feet wide

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No one else could print a photo as big as i needed...

"....I have a huge wall, and I needed a huge image to fill it. So glad I found the MEGAs - my photo is a 3 by 9 foot triptych, and every inch of it is tack sharp. People can't believe it when they see it - they get up close to inspect all of the barnacles on the pier. It is just insane."

Michael C 
Redondo Beach, CA

The colors are so vibrant i assumed it was backlit

"I dropped by Pacific Coast Gallery, a really special place, one day as I was passing by and was awe struck by the imagery of Daydream.  The colors are so vibrant that when I first observed the artwork I assumed it was backlit.  The color literally pops off the image.  I went back multiple times to the Gallery and each visit I would end up standing in front of this piece to admire its color, shadows, light and forms. Ultimately I acquired an acrylic facemount of Daydream for our home, and am still captivated by the brilliant color and artistic eye of the photographer."  

Steve R 
Hermosa Beach, CA

The Strand Flow is such a conversation piece...

"...Everyone that enters our living room remarks about how unique this FLOW is. They've never seen anything like it. And to think it took Matthew 18 months to shoot this one photo, taking the same picture 100,000 times. Crazy. Now that's suffering for your art."

Ulrica L 
New York, NY


See the Flow of the day around the world, through Matthew Welch's lens

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the havana flow

See all FLOWs

the hoi an flow

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the guanajuato flow

See all FLOWs

the Marrakesh flow

See all FLOWs

the kyoto flow

See all FLOWs

the chajul flow

See all FLOWs

the grenada flow

See all FLOWs

the chefchaouen flow

See all FLOWs

the beijing flow

See all FLOWs

the lake titicaca flow

See all FLOWs

the tennessee beauty shop flow

See all FLOWs

the amantani island flow

See all FLOWs

the san miguel de allende flow

See all FLOWs

Complimentary Rendering

With our complimentary rendering service, you can get a preview of how the image will look on your wall - to help you decide between a few different photos, or to help you find just the right size for your space.

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Commercial Installations

We'd love to help you elevate your space to the next level. We'll work with you to select the right images and can custom print or crop images to suit your exact needs. Also, almost all of our images are available as either color or black and white. We also can provide a complete turnkey service with installation in your office.

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large format corporate art installations

With resolutions up to 100x larger than standard photos, our MEGAs were created for large spaces like offices.

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we partnered with the new emory proton therapy center

Emory filled their new medical center in Atlanta with our MEGAs, up to 20 feet long

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One of the largest photos ever printed

Created for a top Beverly Hills law firm, this 40 foot wide photo is one of the largest photos ever printed

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commercial grade production

We use a commercial grade low-glare, scratch-proof acrylic for highly trafficked corporate locations

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Art for conference rooms, foyers, reception areas and offices

Looking for large office wall art? Our MEGAs are designed with large walls in mind.

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Custom Installations

Let us design a custom art installation for your office

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big or small

MEGAs can be printed large or small. They just get sharper and sharper when printed at standard sizes.

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custom installations

Let's work together to fulfill your and your clients' visions. 
Custom sizes, custom framing, custom anything. 
Not a problem - we're here to help.  We can be reached anytime at

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"I have clients from Los Angeles to New York and Pacific Coast Gallery has a range of amazing, high quality images to suit my clients' wide range of tastes. I love everything from their cool 1970s beach photos to their super bright and sharp modern landscape photos to their FLOWs with a global (Peru, Morocco, China) flair. Their quality and attention to detail is beyond compare; my clients are always impressed by the sharpness of the prints and the high quality of the handcrafted framing."

Lauren Gregory


West Hollywood, CA

"We take great pride in designing our clients' homes with original, thoughtful and interesting pieces. Every project is a new canvas and we start all over with the same intention. Matt's photography captures the beauty of nature, travel and the lifestyle of the globe with an artistic and reverential eye. His photography based on his community and travels are intelligent, creative and original.  

 Pacific Coast Gallery is easy to work with and there are myriad ways the photographs can be produced for your installation. They are so easy to work with and I enjoy sending clients in to see what captures their eye. This is a wonderful gallery and I highly recommend working with them on your next project."

Julie Gelsey,

Interior Inspirations

Manhattan Beach, CA


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