100x More Detailed Than a Standard Photo

Pacific Coast Gallery is one of the leading galleries in the world specializing in super high-resolution large format photos, which we call MEGAs. Some of our MEGAs are over 3 gigapixels (3000 Megapixels, or 3 billion pixels), over 100 times the resolution of a normal photo.

They can be printed at wall-filling sizes, some over 100 feet wide, while retaining their sharpness. This makes our MEGAs ideal for large corporate installations where wall space is plentiful. But of course not everyone needs a 100 foot wide photo. The good news is the photos just get sharper and sharper when printed at standard living room or bedroom sizes.

Due to the complexity of creating a gigapixel photo, they are uncommon, but they aren't completely unheard of. They came into existence several years back as a curiosity, as photographic engineering projects, to see how much resolution could be jammed into a single image. Initially, they were images of anything - the subject didn't matter so much, the pixels came first.  With our MEGAs, we strive to always strike the balance between art and engineering. Our goal is to ensure in the end that the image stands by itself as a beautiful image, as art, and never tries to rely solely on its photographic-engineering achievement as a photo with lots of detail but not much else.

Sure, producing a gigapixel image requires a lot more production and editing work than taking a standard photo, but that's process. And you don't enjoy process on your wall. You enjoy beauty.

Art first, pixels second.


The Process: How We Create a MEGA

To create a MEGA, Matthew Welch shoots each scene in a grid, and then composites the final image on the computer. The shoot is effectively data collection, and the final photo is born in the computer. Shooting this way, he is able to create a modern version of large format photos, with unparalleled levels of sharpness and detail.

Here you can see the difference in resolution and clarity between a two gigapixel MEGA and a standard photo.

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Custom Ordering a MEGA

Customize Your Size

Due to their large sizes, MEGAs are very malleable and are often custom printed to specific sizes to perfectly fit a large space in an office or a home.


Customize Your Aspect Ratio and Crop

In addition, they can often be cropped to fit a specific space. Because we have so much resolution in the image to work with, custom sizes and crops are rarely a problem. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss a custom MEGA, either by email at or by phone at +1-310-853-3564.

Have It Your Way

"Solid Gold" Cropped 4 Ways

MEGA Examples

LA Living, approx 85,000 pixels wide

Colorado Country, approx 82,000 pixels wide

Still, approx 172,000 pixels wide

The Calm, approx 50,000 pixels wide

The Long View, approx 50,000 pixels wide

Serenity, approx 25,000 pixels wide

Santorini Twilight, approx 20,000 pixels wide

Daydream, approx 25,000 pixels wide

Napali Dream, approx 30,000 pixels wide

The Bend, approx 25,000 pixels wide

Solid Gold, approx 55,000 pixels wide

Manhattan, Straight-Up, approx 25,000 pixels wide

What Our Customers Have To Say About MEGAs

"No one else could print a photo as big as I needed.

I have a huge wall, and I needed a huge image to fill it. So glad I found the MEGAs - my photo is a 3 by 9 foot tyiptych, and every inch of it is tack sharp.

People can't believe it when they see it - they get up close to inspect all of the barnacles on the pier. It is just insane."

Michael C.

Redondo Beach, CA

"When we were in the early construction phase of building the Emory Proton Therapy Center with Stantec Architecture, we reached out to Pacific Coast Gallery - we knew their series of ultra high resolution MEGAs could be printed at the wall-filling sizes we needed – some as long as 20 feet wide.

Working with Matt and Monica and Pacific Coast Gallery was a pleasure from start to finish. Matt even personally visited the construction site to get a feel for the space, and then we were presented with dozens of curated images to select from...

But beyond their high level of service and professionalism, what really matters is the finished result, and the installed photos are even more striking than we could have imagined. "

Ashley Preisinger, Former President, Emory Proton Therapy Center

Atlanta, GA

"I dropped by Pacific Coast Gallery, a really special place, one day as I was passing by and was awe struck by the imagery of Daydream. The colors are so vibrant that when I first observed the artwork I assumed it was backlit. The color literally pops off the image. I went back multiple times to the Gallery and each visit I would end up standing in front of this piece to admire its color, shadows, light and forms. Ultimately I acquired Daydream for our home, and am still captivated by the brilliant color and artistic eye of the photographer."  

Steve R.

Hermosa Beach, CA

MEGA Installation Photos

Solid Gold
3 x 40 feet (Beverly Hills, CA)

8 x 9 ft (Emory Proton Therapy Center, Atlanta GA)

Zen Falls
4 x 20 ft

The Positive Space
3 x 8 ft

Sea of Sun
4 x 10 ft

Bayou Breeze
3 x 8 ft

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