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Acrylic on canvas.
16 x 16 inches.

About the Artist:

Chris Shary is a work renowned punk rock artist, having been actively involved primarily with bands since the late 80's. He began as a teen designing punk shirts for himself before transitioning into legitimate commission from bands like The Stupids, Hard-Ons, Libido Boys, and eventually Chemical People, Big Drill Car and ALL. In 2011, Chris' idea for DESCENDENTS fake ugly Christmas sweater kicked off a genuine craze. His Sharpie sketches have graced the cover of records as well as the movie poster for Descendents' FILMAGE documentary. While Chris is primarily know for his work with DESCENDENTS/ALL he has worked with Rancid, NOFX, FLAG, The Damned, TSOL, Channel 3, The Dickies, Agent Orange, Turbonegro, Lagwagon, 7SECONDS, Masked Intruder, Night Birds, Teenage Bottlerocket, Bad Cop Bad Cop, The Muffs, Adolescents, Gorilla Biscuits, The Aquabats, The Interrupters, get the idea. In the summer of 2017 Chris began working on a series of color block portraits of music/punk/skating icons. 


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