There are many factors that make our photos unique, and all come from the same three places: our fanaticism with quality, giving you maximum control and flexibility, and about making limited edition museum quality photography and art accessible to anyone at an affordable price.



The first is an obsession with quality, both in the capture and the printing of our photos. We offer some of the highest-resolution photos ever captured, some over 2000 megapixels. Also, some of our photos are composited from over 1,000 source images to make one final super high resolution image. Like we said, we're fanatics. And we're equally fanatical about printing. Each photo is individually custom printed and hand framed using the best technology and materials available today, including a proprietary paper developed by our printer which contains Iridium particles for a wide tonal range and incredible luminosity. The elements build on each other and cumulatively create photos of exceptional clarity, beauty and longevity.



The second element is choice and control. It is your house, your wall, your aesthetic. We feel you should have maximum flexibility in your artwork. So, in addition to offering a range of different artists, we give you an unprecedented ability to customize the final artwork: you get to choose either the color or black & white version, the standard or muted version, a photographic print or an acrylic facemount, the choice of framed or unframed, the size, and in fact we’ll even custom crop and print a custom size for you to exactly fit your space. so that you can choose just the right image to fit your vibe. And if we don't have exactly what you're looking for on the site, no problem, we'll be happy to look for just the right image for you in our collection - just contact one of our art concierges.



Third, we wanted to make museum quality, limited edition art accessible to anyone. We built Pacific Coast Gallery to serve a broad middle area in the art and photography market that we felt wasn't being well served - between the expensive high-end art galleries on one end, and low-quality mass produced prints on the other end. That's why we offer collectible, museum quality, original handprinted photos from leading artists at prices accessible to anyone, starting at $89.


We are one of the leading galleries in the US specializing in super high-resolution large format photos. Some of the images in our line of MEGAs are over two gigapixels (2000 megapixels), roughly 80 times the resolution of a normal photo, so they can be printed at wall-filling sizes and remain tack sharp with incredible detail. Click here to read more about how we create our MEGAs.


We offer two print styles: traditional photographic paper prints on a museum quality baryta paper, and bolder acrylic facemounts.

For our acrylic facemounts, we work exclusively with one of the top fine art printers in the US, using a proprietary paper that we believe is the most advanced and most luminous photographic paper available in the world today. In addition to its deep blacks and wide dynamic range, this special paper contains Iridium particles, which are highly reflective and give the facemounted images incredible luminosity so they almost appear backlit.

For our traditional photographic prints, we use a thick 310gsm photographic paper featuring a traditional barium sulfate (baryta) base. The baryta base enhances the photo's surface, producing creamy whites and velvety blacks that form part of the unique look and feel of a traditional fiber based print.


Every one of our photos is custom hand printed by a master printer with over 30 years of printing experience, on either the proprietary luminous paper developed by our printer for our acrylic facemounts, or for our traditional photographic prints, Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta or Ilford Gold Fiber Gloss Baryta paper.


All of our framed prints are handcrafted, using premium hardwood frames. Our top-end framed acrylic facemounts come with Roma frames which are handfinished in Italy and are the best frames available in the world today. We have a range of styles and colors that you can choose from.


We offer TruLife low-glare, abrasion-resistant acrylic as an optional upgrade. This is the most advanced acrylic available in the art world.

It blocks up to 99% of UV rays and virtually eliminates reflections. It also has a shatter-resistant hard coat to protect against scratches, and it has anti-static properties to repel dust. Best of all, it cleans like glass, and no special acrylic cleaners are required.


For our acrylic facemounts, we go to the extreme step of using an expensive Italian Roma frame as the back floatmount (rather than a metal frame or cheaper composite wood), as these Roma frames are made from Italian hardwoods and resist bending or bowing over time and with changes in temperature and humidity.

If we put this much care into the back of the photo that no one will ever see, you can rest assured we put even more love into the image itself. Additionally, we seal our facemounts on the back as well, using an archival silicone and a strong aluminum composite called Dibond.


Our traditional photographic prints are printed on a museum quality archival baryta paper, which is rated to 200 years of longevity by Wilhelm Imaging Research.

Our acrylic facemounts are rated to be archival for 120 years. We use an archival silicone in the facemounting, which seals the prints and blocks out gases that could discolor and age the prints over time. We also use the highest-grade 99% UV blocking acrylic to prevent fading or color shifting from light exposure.


All of our images are limited editions.

Edition sizes vary based on the size of the photo and also on each artist's specifications, but some edition sizes are as low as 7.

All of our limited edition photos come with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist.


We decided to do something very unusual for an art gallery - put you in control. Hey, it's your wall, your house, and your aesthetic, so it only seems fair that you get full control over how your art looks.

We give you an unprecedented ability to customize your photo to fit your décor and your style: you can customize the size, the crop, the paper, the color and tonality, the frame, and even choose low-glare glass or acrylic.

To ask a question about a custom size, custom crop, or custom anything, please click here.


We offer limited edition photos from photographers including Antonio Guccione (Prada, Gucci, Vanity Fair, author of Faces of New York), Marc Urbano (Porsche, Road & Track), SPOT (famed music producer Black Flag, the Minutemen, the Misfits and author of Sounds of Two Eyes Opening) and Matthew Welch (Kodak, author of Just Another Day), as well as numerous other photographers, painters and mixed media artists.


We started Pacific Coast Gallery to make custom-printed, limited-edition museum quality artwork accessible to everyone. We wanted to give you an alternative to the high prices and intimidation of buying in a traditional high-end art gallery, or the low-end world of mass produced prints.


People often ask photographers if they prefer to shoot in black & white or color. To this question, we say yes.

Turns out we like both. And since most of our images work well in both color and black & white versions, we had another crazy idea - why not just offer both versions and let you decide. Hey, it's your wall, your house, and your aesthetic, so it only seems fair that you get to choose.

After this, we also decided to go one step further and let you dial in the contrast and saturation as well. You get to choose between the standard version, and a more muted version for that Instagram filter look, to fit your personal sense of style.


Good art is hard to find, but we make it easy. With our concierge service, you can just email us what you're looking for (even if you don't see it on the site) - it could be a color palette, a mood, a specific subject, a place, or even an orientation like an extreme wide or tall pano.

We will happily go through our extensive collection and come back to you with options.


"I dropped by Pacific Coast Gallery, a really special place, one day as I was passing by and was awe struck by the imagery of Daydream. The colors are so vibrant that when I first observed the artwork I assumed it was backlit. The color literally pops off the image. I went back multiple times to the Gallery and each visit I would end up standing in front of this piece to admire its color, shadows, light and forms. Ultimately I acquired Daydream for our home, and am still captivated by the brilliant color and artistic eye of the photographer."  

Steve R.

Hermosa Beach, CA

"No one else could print a photo as big as I needed.

I have a huge wall, and I needed a huge image to fill it. So glad I found the MEGAs - my photo is a 3 by 9 foot tyiptych, and every inch of it is tack sharp.

People can't believe it when they see it - they get up close to inspect all of the barnacles on the pier. It is just insane."

Michael C.

Redondo Beach, CA

"My experience with Pacific Coast Gallery has been nothing short of exceptional.

The works that I chose were delivered in a timely manner and the framing was just as I ordered.


Elan S.

Waltham, MA

"We take great pride in designing our clients' homes with original, thoughtful and interesting pieces. Every project is a new canvas, and we start all over with the same intention. Matt's photography captures the beauty of nature, travel and the lifestyle of the globe with an artistic and reverential eye. His photography based on his community and travels are intelligent, creative and original.

Pacific Coast Gallery is easy to work with and there are myriad ways the photographs can be produced for your installation. They are so easy to work with and I enjoy sending clients in to see what captures their eye. This is a wonderful gallery and I highly recommend working with them on your next project."

Julie Gelsey, Interior Inspirations

Manhattan Beach, CA

"When we were in the early construction phase of building the Emory Proton Therapy Center, Provident Resources Group & Stantec Architecture reached out to Pacific Coast Gallery - we knew their series of ultra high resolution MEGAs could be printed at the wall-filling sizes we needed – some as long as 20 feet wide.

Working with Matt and Monica and Pacific Coast Gallery was a pleasure from start to finish. Matt even personally visited the construction site to get a feel for the space, and then we were presented with dozens of curated images to select from...

But beyond their high level of service and professionalism, what really matters is the finished result, and the installed photos are even more striking than we could have imagined. "

Allyson Hicks, Allyson Hicks Design

Baton Rouge LA

"I have clients from Los Angeles to New York and Pacific Coast Gallery has a range of amazing, high quality images to suit my clients' wide range of tastes. I love everything from their cool 1970s beach photos to their super bright and sharp modern landscape photos to their FLOWs with a global (Peru, Morocco, China) flair. Their quality and attention to detail is beyond compare; my clients are always impressed by the sharpness of the prints and the high quality of the handcrafted framing."

Lauren Gregory, Dacha

West Hollywood, CA


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