What Makes Our Photos Unique


We’re Fanatics (about quality)

There are several factors that make our photos unique, and all come from the same place: our fanaticism with each detail in the photographic, processing and printing processes. The elements build on each other and cumulatively create photos of exceptional clarity and beauty.

1 Incredible Detail

We are one of the leading galleries in the US specializing in super high-resolution large format photos.  Many of the images in our line of MEGAs are over 500 megapixels, roughly 20 times the resolution of a normal photo, so they can be printed at wall-filling sizes and remain tack sharp with incredible detail. Click here to read more about how we create our MEGAs.


2 Luminosity: Our Printing Process


We work exclusively with one of the top fine art printers in the US, using a proprietary paper that is the most state-of-the-art photographic paper available in the world today.  This special paper contains Iridium particles, which are highly reflective and give the images their luminosity, so they almost appear backlit.


3 The Best Materials, Front & Back


Unlike many acrylic facemounts, we seal our photos on the back as well, using an archival silicone and an aluminum composite called Dibond, or an archival PVC called Komatex.  We also go to the extreme step of using an Italian Roma frame as the back floatmount (rather than a metal frame or cheaper wood), as these Roma frames are made from Italian hardwoods and resist bending or bowing over time and with changes in temperature and humidity.


4 Archival


Our prints are facemounted to acrylic using an archival silicone, which seals the prints and blocks out gases that could discolor and age the prints over time. We also use the highest-grade 99% UV blocking acrylic to prevent fading or color shifting from light exposure. Finally, our prints also use pigments, rather than dyes, which resist fading. Due to the combination of these three factors, our acrylic facemount photos are rated to be archival for over 120 years. 


5 Low-Glare Acrylic and Museum Glass


We offer low-glare, abrasion-resistant acrylic as an optional upgrade.  This is the most advanced acrylic available in the art world, and it has an abrasion-resistant 99% UV filtering acrylic substrate with an additional optical coating.  For collectors who prefer traditional framed photo prints, we also offer low-glare museum glass.


6 Your Choice of Media, Mounting and Framing

We offer our photos in numerous ways to suit each collector’s individual taste, and have limited edition photo prints in addition to the acrylic facemounts. All photos are custom printed to each collector’s specifications regarding the medium, mounting, matting and framing.