Our MEGAs: 20x More Detailed Than a Standard Photo

We are one of a handful of galleries in the US specializing in super high-resolution large format photos. Many of the images in our line of MEGAs are over 500 megapixels, roughly 20 times the resolution of a normal photo, so they can be printed at wall-filling sizes and remain tack sharp with incredible detail.

500 graphic.jpg

To create a MEGA, I shoot each scene in a grid, and then composite the final image using software. The shoot is basically data collection, and the final photo is born in the computer. Shooting this way, we are able to create a modern version of large format photos, with unparalleled levels of sharpness and detail. These large format images can also be printed at wall-filling sizes, some over 40 feet wide, while retaining their sharpness. Of course, not everyone needs a 40 foot wide photo. The good news is the images just get sharper and sharper the smaller they are printed, at standard living room sizes.