Pacific Coast Gallery Events & Promotions

Saturday April 28, Pacific Coast Gallery in Hermosa Beach will have the opening reception for "American Panoramic" featuring seven new large format panoramic photos from Matthew Welch. The exhibit will feature new images spanning the US, from the Florida Keys and Savannah Georgia, across to Arizona and Utah, and ending up on the coast of California. The images are from the gallery's high-resolution, large format collection called MEGAs - many of the photos are over 50,000 pixels wide (10x the resolution of a standard photo), and as such can be printed at extreme wall-filling sizes. The photos in the exhibit range from 5-10 feet wide, and all can be custom-ordered at any size. The opening reception is Saturday April 28 from 7.00-10pm, and will have an open bar and a photo trivia contest, with over $1000 in photos as prizes.

"American Panoramic" will run all May at the gallery.